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Welcome to our Dionysia site

The plant genus Dionysia was one of the main reasons for the journeys we made to Iran in April/May 2000 and from December 2002 until September 2003 to Greece, Turkey, Iran the United Arab Emirates, Oman and vice versa. For details and more pictures of these journeys, please visit the vanlife.one website. In 2000 we visited Iran for the first time, travelling in our own car during a 5 weeks tour. On that first visit we found 4 species of Dionysia. December 2002 we started another tour to the Middle East, again in our own car. This time also visiting the Emirates and Oman. A total of 15 species of dionysia were found during this trip. After we returned from the Emirates on the 30th of March 2003, we stayed in Iran for almost 3 months. During our stay in Iran we spend a lot of time searching dionysias and other alpines.
Our aim was to find and photograph as many species of dionysia as possible.
We therefore want to offer this site to show you the results, with some information and photos about the species of dionysia we found.

An other important feature of this site is the possibility to make a contribution in the way of sending photos you have, or someone you know has, made of any species of dionysia in the wild and want to share these on this site.
For details please visit the Share your pictures page. 

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