Dionysia caespitosa

Guest photographers: Dieter Zschummel and Marijn van den Brink

Botanical Description
Dionysia caespitosa
Closely related to D. diapensiifolia, differing in its shortly-scapose inflorescence, bearing 1-3 flowers, and large leafy bracts. The flowers are reminiscent of those of the Winter Jasmine, Jasminum nudiflorum. Native to various sites in western Iran in Esfahan and Bakhtiari Provinces, between 1700 and 3000m on shaded and sunny limestone cliffs. The original JCA introduction was lost to cultivation some years ago but numerous new clones resulted from the expeditions at the turn of the century. As both pin and thrum-eyed plants are in cultivation seed is regularly set but no known hybrids exist. There were formerly considered to be two subsecies in cultivation, ssp. caespitosa and ssp. bolivarii but Ziba Jamzad (1996) reassessed this and decided the differences were not significant enough to maintain their status. Clones introduced were T4Z117, T4Z120, T4Z155, DZ I 00-30, DZ I 00-32, DZ I 01-11, DZ I 01-12, DZ I 01-14, JLMS02-61, JLMS02-70, JLMS02-102, JMM01-70, JMM01-75, JJMZ04-41, JJMZ04-55, CIA166-1, CIA216.


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