Dionysia khatamii

Guest photographer: Dieter Zschummel

Botanical Description
Dionysia khatamii
Forming slightly to very open cushions of small rosettes to 10mm in diameter but usually less. Leaves lanceolate, blunt pointed, non revolute, densely pubescent, 5-7mm long, 1-1.2mm wide. Corolla violet, occasionally pinkish, 5-8mm diameter, tube 10-12mm long, deeply emarginate petal lobes. Related to D. curviflora, like which species it sometimes grows on igneous rocks but also limestone. Discovered in 2002, 2500-2700m, Darreh Damgahan south of Mehriz, Yazd Province, Iran known only from one introduction, T4Z013. For some time JLMS02-07 was considered to be a compact introduction but after further consideration Dieter Zschummel who was part of the T4Z expedition believes JLMS02-07 to be a natural hybrid with D. curviflora. The fact that there is only one clone from the JLMS02-07 collection might well confirm the reduced viability of hybrid status. One of the more susceptible species to botrytis, mature specimens are rare.  

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