Dionysia khuzistanica

From Semirom we went in a northwest direction towards the town of Lordegan. On this 1st of May 2003, in a gorge on vertical cliffs at an altitude between 1800 and 2000m we found Dionysia khuzistanica. Most of the plants were past flowering. Higher up in the gorge we found some plants still in flower, but most of them being completely inaccessible. Also this species has probably a limited distribution. In this gorge we also found an other dionysia species, these plants were very loose growing and were restricted to one very shaded rock face only together with Dionysia khuzistanica. It turned out to be Dionysia caespitosa ssp caespitosa. 

Botanical Description
Dionysia khuzistanica
Forming dense green cushions. Branches short, covered by imbricate marcescent leaves. Leaves 2.5mm long, 1-1.4mm wide, obovate-oblong, trilobate at the apex to entire, glandular. Flowers sessile, corolla yellow, diameter 6mm, tube 12-13mm long, lobes ovate-orbicular. First described in 1996 and subsequently introduced by four expeditions between 1998 and 2002 although these were initially thought to be the closely related D. zagrica from which it differs most notably by its hairier cushions and shorter leaves. Found on the border of Bakhtiari and Khuzestan Provinces, W. Iran notably on Tange Nafon and Kuh-e Sefid. Seed is regularly set in cultivation but many of the progeny are hybrids. SLIZE176, DZ I 00-48, T4Z121, JLMS02-69. Reference: ALPINE GARDEN SOCIETY PLANT ENCYCLOPAEDIA

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