Dionysia lamingtonii

Guest photographer: Marijn van den Brink

 Botanical Description
Dionysia lamingtonii
Plants forming small, slow-growing, neat, grey-green cushions composed of numerous closely packed leaf-rosettes; no farina. Leaves oblong to oblong-spathulate, 2.5-3.5mm long, untoothed, with long hairs on the margin and beneath. Flowers solitary and sessile; corolla yellow, the tube 10-14mm long, the limb 5-6mm diameter, with oval lobes slightly notched at the apex. Western Iran, various locations in Bakhtiari Province, on sunny or partially shaded limestone cliffs, 1700-2950m. One of the finest species; the flowers are small but are produced in such quantity as to completely smother the cushion. Cushions are prone to botrytis and can die rapidly and without warning. They can look very dead during the winter, but may well be still alive so it is prudent to wait until spring before discarding. Clones introduced H1909, DZ I 00-39, DZ I 01-13, JMM01-52, T4Z128, T4Z145, T4Z1037, JLMS02-85, JLMS02-98, SLIZE161, JJMZ04-73, JJMZ04-76, JZZ05-173, KUHI257-2.

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