Dionysia mozaffarianii

In the afternoon of the 29th of April 2003 we found Dionysia mozaffarianii in flower just outside the town of Semirom on vertical limestone cliffs. I had to climb my way up again to get closer to the plants. Only a few plants were growing on this spot, I think this species has a very restricted distribution because the surrounding rocks are of a different type. This species was also introduced into cultivation by the 1998 SLIZE expedition. In the evening we went back to Kuh-e Pashmaku to stay for the night and wait for Harry and friends. Next day we waited until the afternoon for Harry, but nobody showed up. Of course we wondered what could have happened, somewhat later we received an email from Harry saying they had to change their schedule because of bad weather and because Chris got ill and had returned to the UK.

Botanical Description
Dionysia mozaffarianii
Forming dense, deep green cushions, pronounced columnar structure, stems clothed with marcescent foliage. Leaves 3-4mm long, 1.8-2mm wide, oblong-spathulate with three crenate to dentate teeth at the apex giving a distinctive appearance to the rosette. Corolla deep violet, diameter 6-8mm, tube 9-10mm long. Introduced by five different expeditions between 1998 and 2002 , all from 2500-2800m on Kuh-e Bohorse, near Semirom in Esfahan Province, Iran. Has settled down in cultivation well but not always free flowering although this seems to improve with maturity. SLIZE232, DZ I 00-42, JMM01-27, T4Z100, JLMS02-54. New introductions in 2016 are CIA187-1 and CIA187-2 from a similar area.

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