Dionysia sarvestanica

Guest photographer: Marijn van den Brink

Botanical Description
Dionysia sarvestanica
Forming dense, caespitose grey-green cushions up to 17cm in diameter in cultivation. Stems shortly branched, tightly packed with closely imbricating marcescent leaves, terminating in in open leaf rosettes. Leaves oblong-spathulate to narrow-obovate, 4-5mm long, 1-1.5mm wide, apex obtuse, margin entire. Flowers solitary and sessile. Corolla bright yellow, 6-8mm in diameter, tube 8-10mm long. The species was described in 1989 but not introduced into cultivation until 1998. Subsequenty Liden recognised a subspecies ssp. spathulata although this is not yet widely distributed. Subspecies sarvestanica was initially found south east of Sarvestan, Fars Province in the Post-i-Chenar region but subsequently introduced from north east of Sarvestan toward Kerameh. Subspecies spathulata is from Kuh-e Sefida near Firuzabad, south of Shiraz, also in Fars Province. Both pin-eyed and thrum-eyed plants are in cultivation and seed has been set although many of the seedlings are undoubtedly hybrids. SLIZE241, DZ I 01-07, T4Z040, T4Z1056, JLMS02-24. Ssp. spathulata T4Z1044.

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