Dionysia zetterlundii

After some searching we found a road heading to the Bazoft valley, this valley runs parallel with the Kuhrang valley on the opposite side of the Zarde Kuh. Before we entered the valley we came across a pass(Charee pass), and here we found on the 7th of May 2003, what we tought was Dionysia lamingtonii. The plants which grow on the rocks on this pass are now considered as being Dionysia zetterlundii. They all grow on vertical rocks at an altitude of approx. 2800m. Next day, after we spend the night in the very scenic Bazoft valley close to the river, we found some more plants which did not look like the plants we found on the pass. These plants were growing on vertical rocks along the roadside also, but at a much lower altitude: approx. 1740m. They now can be considered as being Dionysia lamingtonii, unfortunately not flowering. See also the Guest Photographers page: Dionysia lamingtonii. 

Botanical Description
Dionysia zetterlundii
Forming dense, efarinose cushions, stems clad with marcescent leaves, becoming bare with age. Leaves entire, obovate, obtuse to subobtuse, hairy, 3-4.5mm long, 1.3-1.7mm wide. Corolla yellow, 9-10mm diameter, tube 10-14mm long, broadly obcordate overlapping slightly emarginate lobes. Introduced from limestone cliffs, 2700-2800m on the Charee Pass between the Kuhrang and Bazoft Valleys in Bakhtiari Province, Iran, initially as an unnamed species. Provisionally called D. heterotricha, a name which was disseminated informally into various publications but never officially published; it was soon renamed as the provisional name was too similar to the unrelated subsection Heterotrichae. Has proven reasonably compliant in cultivation although specimens in excess of 19cm in diameter are rare. JLMS02-91, T4Z125, T4Z140. JJMZ04-49. 

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