Share your Dionysia pictures

Share your pictures

We want to give you the opportunity to send in and share your pictures of any
species of dionysia in the wild on this site. This way giving you the chance to publish your pictures and let us all admire the beauty of this genus!
How to send in your pictures: Just send in your pictures as an attachment to your email. What kind of pictures: High quality JPEG only.
Digital camera pictures with a resolution of approx 1600×1200.
Scanned pictures of slides and negatives.
Remember, only pictures of dionysias in the wild will be published.

Always include the following information:
Your name.
Your email address.
In case you have a website, let us know if you want to be linked from our site.
Complete information of the pictures, like name of the species, where and when it was taken etc.
Of course, the choice and inclusion of send in pictures as well as the way they will be presented will be our responsibility.
All pictures and content are protected by copyright, there will be no publishing or reproduction by any form or means outside this site without the contributing photographers permission. We do not have any commercial aims with this site. For any further information or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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